Billing Your Customer To GET PAID

Remember in Module 1, we went over how to invoice your customer? The moment that you begin service, you will want to send your customer an invoice dated for the date that you send the invoice and have it due on the due date of the terms that you agreed to in your Service Agreement (net 10, net 15, net 30 are the typical commercial cleaning terms).

Net 10 – due 10 days from invoice date
Net 15 – due 15 days from invoice date
Net 30 – due 30 days from invoice date
There are also some people who require payment upfront or payment bi-weekly. It’s your business, so you can propose the terms that you wish. But the customer has the right to negotiate the terms that they desire as well.
Here’s just the invoicing video again in case you need a refresher


NOTE: Be sure to check with your state to see if you are required to charge a sales tax on your invoice for your state. Some states require that you charge it on commercial cleaning services, but some don’t. It also could change if you are doing residential services or commercial, so be sure to check into it. Some accounting software may provide your state sales tax for you.