New Account Walkthrough

After you submit the proposal and the customer signs that last page that has the Service Agreement on it. Next you want to schedule one more walkthrough with the new client to get fully prepared to begin services. We’ll call this the New Account Walkthrough.

You can do this New Account Walkthrough within a week before your first service date or the same day of the first service date, right before you begin to clean.

During this meeting you want to get information on the following:

1) Dumpster location

2) Alarm codes

3) Supply Closet and restock locations

4) Water supply location (for filling and dumping mop bucket)

5) Official first date of service

6) If they are tax exempt (because they’re a non-profit) have them provide you a copy of their tax exempt letter

7) If applicable, bring your site manager, or person who will be cleaning and get them introduced

8) Pick up any keys to main doors, office doors, or dispensers

The Account Information Form below will help you to remember to ask all of these questions and you can keep this form on file in your records for future reference on the account. I recommend that you keep a hard copy of this form in a file cabin and a digital version. Google Drive is great for keeping online files, or you can just use on offline hard drive.