Setting Up Your Bookkeeping For Accounting

In order to have a business, you need to have your books in order! You also need to have a way to bill your customers (send them an invoice). Below, are 4 videos that show you how to use to set up your books and prepare to bill your first customer.

You want to set this up NOW in the beginning of your business so that you can start tracking all of your income and expenses from the very beginning. Don’t forget to add in the cost of your LLC formation in your transactions also.

Once you watch the tutorial, you will know how to invoice your customers, track income and expenses, and maintain your books.
The is FREE by the way. This is why chose to train you on Wave instead of Quickbooks.
While knowing how to do your own books is good, you’ll eventually want to get away from that and outsource that task. Bench is who I use to handle all of my bookkeeping. They’re very affordable and it’s internet based for convenience. If you use my affiliate link below, we’ll both get some discounts/perks.