The Hiring Process

The audio above will explain the employee hiring process step by step.

*NOTE: There’s one error is in the audio! It tells you that I have my contractors complete an I-9 Form. Employees complete the I-9 FormContractors complete a W-9 Form.

When hiring W-2 Employees you will need them to complete:

  1. Job Application (some insurance companies will require you to have an application on file for an employee in order to file a claim)
  2. I-9 Form
  3. Non-Compete Agreement (optional)
  4. W-4 Form
When hiring 1099 contractors (or subcontractors), you will need them to complete:
  1. W-9 Form
  2. Non-Compete Agreement (optional)
  3. Subcontractor Agreement (optional)

All of the files needed for hiring contractors or employees is below
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